Breathless (Bruges)
Tower of Church of our Lady, Bruges

Breathless Ok, first thing’s first. I am sorry. If anyone is intending to travel to Belgium, and more specifically Bruges, I’m afraid I have, in my attempt to blend with local custom, done my level best to rid the town and country of as large a supply of beer as I was able. There may be none left. Not just the beer. Waffles, fries, mussels, chocolate. All gone. Seriously. Now, have you ever been to a new place and immediately felt at home? Like some part of you was already there, waiting for the rest of you to show up. Have you ever met a new person and instantly knew that you were going to be fast friends? Lovers? A connection in a moment. Like some part of you was already with them, waiting for the rest of you to show up.  Bruges hit me like that. I’ve returned home from several of these trips now and always have much to report to Mark. But this one, this one was different. I didn’t come home showing photos or discussing a meal I had in a particular pub. I came home adamant, insisting even, that Mark see it too. That he experience it for himself. To this day, and it’s been months since that trip to Belgium, I haven’t changed my mind about this. I think he should see it. I think you should, too. I was immediately caught up. The people. The medieval architecture. The winding lanes and old world […]

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