View from a Train


(written on the 8:30am train from Glasgow Queen Street Station to Edinburgh’s Waverly Station on April 8, 2013)

I get homesick a lot more often than I usually let myself admit. I love to travel and I love seeing new places and things. But home calls to me. What has become more and more evident to me over the years of traveling is that it is people, not things or places, that I long for. Don’t get me wrong. I love my apartment in New York. Love my neighborhood. Love my church and even my jobs. But it’s the people I get homesick for. It’s the people I get peoplesick for? That doesn’t sound right, but I think you understand the sentiment. Mark. Zoe. My friends and family. (Zoe is a dog by the way) Those relationships, those loves, call me home. Even at this moment as I sit racing along a train track from Glasgow to Edinburgh, I crave home.  Part of that may be that I’m alone now. But I wasn’t yesterday. Ah, yesterday.

Yesterday morning began, as I fear many of these stories will, fresh off a red-eye flight from New York. But this time I had company. My travel buddy and expert on all things theatre had a plan for me. Molly and I, over the past decade of friendship, have had the pleasure (mostly pleasure) of traveling over the entire North American continent on tour. Together we’ve also seen Athens, Xania on Crete, Paris, Dublin, Edinburgh and now Glasgow.

Anyway, yesterday after a nap to sleep off a little jetlag, we headed to the SECC to take in a play. Not just any play, but Molly’s favorite play. And I must admit one of the most thrilling afternoons I’ve spent in a theatre in a long time. Then it was a quick cab ride to Byres Road to meet up with Molly’s friend Matthew for dinner. It was a true pleasure meeting him and hearing a bit of his story. It was one of those moments where you ask yourself, what am I doing to make the world a better place? His advocacy work on behalf of children is inspiring and worthy of attention. I encourage anyone reading this to follow his journey as he sets out May 31st for an 18-month hike across Europe to raise awareness of the exploitation of children and to lobby politicians for stricter age-of-consent laws.

After dinner, Molly and I hopped another cab to the city center and began a night of wandering Glasgow and visiting a couple of pubs; my favorite being the Pot Still for it’s genuinely old-world ambiance. Now, here it is slightly after 8am the next morning. I’ve wished Molly a safe flight back to the States and am now watching the Scottish countryside fly by my window. Edinburgh lay ahead and the beautiful and famous hilltop Edinburgh Castle. There I’ll search out a picture of my Papa standing guard. But for now I sit and watch the world fly by. And while I’m excited about the adventure to come, my chest hurts a little.

I’m homesick.


Music helps.

Journey Home

or…Journey to a castle on a hill.

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