On Day One



It only seems right that I’m likely to turn 39 sitting on a train. If not on the one I find myself, then certainly the venerable N train of Astoria fame. After a long day of packing up the family (more on that later), a car ride from my “little” nephew who suddenly seems to be a man, a long delay for a flight out of Dallas, I now find myself on a train watching the clock move toward midnight.  I say it seems right as I am beginning a journey.  Not today’s journey whose end is my home. My Mark. My Zoe. But the larger journey. The journey of the year to come. My fortieth year. Seems right to be in motion. Don’t care where I land in a year, just so long as I’m in the air.  On the journey.  Explore. Chase the family. Expand my mind. Stretch my body.  Soothe and nurture my spirit. See the world. Love my man. Live my life! 11:15. 45 minutes to launch and I’m rocking roughly somewhere between Newark Penn and Secaucus Station.

Addendum: N train down. Luggage heavy. Home in cab by 12:02.


Journey Home

or…Journey to the Map

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