A Castle On A Hill (Edinburgh)
Charging the Castle

Ok. I’ve been sitting on this post for a long time. Weeks actually. Wait. No, it’s been two months! Man, time flies. I mean, I have been busy. Trip to Mexico City (posts to come), doing a show in Texas, seeing family, and spending a wet and muddy weekend at a music festival. Plus, I really didn’t know which way to go with this post. Here I have Edinburgh; a magical place. Ancient history and modern city in one. “Old” and “New Town” laid out in a Scottish sprawl. (The design for “New Town” was drafted in 1766…so, you know, not so new.) And all surrounding the castle on a hill. Edinburgh Castle. Rustic. Gothic. Fortress. Stand on Princes Street and gaze south up the cliff to the castle above and the child in you comes alive. That brings me to this trip’s photograph. I have Papa posing for what can only be described as a playful and childlike picture inside the castle. Now, I can still remember my Papa’s husky laugh. A grumbly sort of raspy thing that always seemed to surprise even him. By my dad’s own description, my Papa wasn’t always the most playful of sorts. That was the job of Nanny, my dad’s mom. So maybe it was the place that brought it out. Maybe it was his traveling friends. Maybe it was Nanny. Or maybe what I have here is a glimpse of the child in him. That child in all of us. That sense […]

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